can money truly bring happiness?

January 13, 2009 8:15am CST
In real life as it is today yes it would bring happiness especially if ur poor. The poor today are living in the streets and are homeless and dont have anything to eat. We as a nation need to feed the poor and to house the people who are actually out there busting their butts and trying to keep afloat and cant do it alone. But todays society doesnt care about the people who are in need of housing its either for the younger people who get pregnant and dont have a place or for women who get abused. But what u dont see are places for men to go who need the same thing as women, who are raising a child by themselves. They are barely making bills meet but cant get help from agencies cuz they say there is no money but they have enough to build million dollar buildings and waste that money instead like the salvation army here in quincy illinois.
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