Does the internet make us lazy?

@kellys3ps (3726)
United States
January 13, 2009 11:08am CST
I just got an e-mail today promoting a website, For just $14.99, you can pay the site's operators to break up with your significant other via e-mail. For $5 more, the site will send a handwritten breakup letter to your ex. Nice and impersonal! That's the way to go. And a few weeks ago, I happened upon the site,, where you can rant about how horrible your neighbor is. Do you know of any other equally tacky Web sites? It makes me wonder if we're losing out on social skills as result of technology. What do you think? Is the Internet turning us into a classless, lazy society?
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@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
13 Jan 09
I think that the internet is making into lazy beings. It is impersonal to ask someone else to write a letter to break up with your partner. i could not believe my eyes that there are so dumb people who are not capbable of expressing their feelings and jot them down on a piece of paper. (c) ronaldinu 2009 - the more people I meet-the more I love my dog
@tooincome (345)
• United States
13 Jan 09
i think the internet is like a double-edged sword. yes, we have access to infinite information and resources, but yet it also makes us stay glued to our chairs. not sure if this site qualifies but here it is: pretty much someone well set up a spot for a couple on the beach (which you can easily do yourself) and take pictures of the couple from a distance. it's listed for $155, so what you're really paying for is the photo shoot on the beach during a sunset. other than that, anyone can bring a blanket, a basket full of goodies, to a beach during sunset hours.
• United States
13 Jan 09
I don't know of any other sites other than the ones you just told me about, but I do have an opinion on the matter. Yes, the internet is making us more lazy, tackier, and less afflutent. We don't think for ourelves anymore, we let the internet do the work. We don't speak for ourselves or when we do, we use someone else's words or thoughts that come to us via the internet. We have become so reliant on the internet that it consumes us and the very idea of individuality that makes us human. Technology can be a very good thing, but when taken too far it can and will wipe out our social skills as well as our way of interacting with others in a face to face way.