Cold Weather Problems--Please Advise

@janyen (624)
January 13, 2009 12:05pm CST
I recently joined my husband here in Netherlands last 2008 of December. From a warmth country of the Philippines, I'm facing problems on their weather. I got problems with my lips. They are dry, cracked and even sore. Lip Balms are not really a good cure for them. I also have problems with my hair and scalp, I have this dandruffs and very dry hair. If you have this kind of experiences suggestions are very much appreciated.
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@Carolyn63 (1403)
• United States
13 Jan 09
Shay butter would be good for your lips and all over your body. A good deep conditioning of your hair at least once a week my help your scalp. You know, a good conditioner like Aussie and leave it in, wrap a towel about your head and let it stay of for about a half an hour, then wash it out. It's worth a shot.
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@janyen (624)
• Netherlands
14 Jan 09
Thanks for the idea. I will try that one day. Now, I'm trying this Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera petroleum jelly which was given by a friend of mine. Will see if it works. I'll try to look it up in the groceries if they have that conditioner thing that your saying.
@franseman (516)
• Philippines
25 Oct 12
For your lips cocoa butter is really the best. It's sold in every pharmacy and I think in sipermarkets as well. Never your cremes on an water base in winter. Water and frost don't go. If you have a central heating system in your place, hang water trays over them cause this heating system is good but makes the air too dry.