mailinator - the email provider for spamming

January 13, 2009 2:22pm CST
If you want to spam or signup for some programs for which you dont want to give your email IDs or even for things like creating fake profiles on orkut etc.. (Dont get me into trouble if you get a chance to :) yes thats right you can get watever ID you want.. for example : kjdshfdhgfuihghggfgdfjgnjhgju @ or even a @ watever you want...this service is mainly for spamming :D (who could have thought of such a thing???? :D) and just for the noobs (not including me :P) - plz dont make this your permanent email ID..(PJ or not even worth it) P.S : i dunno wat the TOS are but please please please dont start blaming me for starting this topic :) ....{i'm a nice guy and this is my first discussion started :)}...i started this topic cuz i bet most of them wouldn't have known that such a thing exists so enough of the blah blah all the above stuff is just too lame just check out the site at
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@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
13 Jan 09
LOL well I'm pretty sure the site is not for spamming others :) If it was known that a site like the existed I think it would be closed in no time, dont you? :)
• India
14 Jan 09
haha..i'm pretty sure that it is for spamming.. look at their mission statement - LET THEM EAT SPAM :D that totally means its for spamming :P
@snam23 (3161)
• United States
7 Feb 09
Nice discussion! There use to be a similar service called email.bugmenot and it would work the same way except it would be dskfajl@bugmenot. Unfortunately, they closed the service but provide links to similar services. This is good to know. Thanks for sharing!