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Gayatri Mantra - In Bhagwad Gita Krishna said
"In Mantra he is Gayatri"
November 9, 2006 2:19am CST
First of all you must give up your desires whoever wants to follow this path; for desire is the most obscure and the most obscuring movement of the lower nature. Desires are motions of weakness and ignorance and they keep you chained to your weaknesses and to your ignorance - they do not belong to the true nature of the Divine. Pre Creation THE BRAHMA-GAYATRI MANTRA WORD BY WORD Gayatri Mantra Aum Bhur Bhuvah Svah Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat The following discussion will analyze the Brahma-gayatri mantra word by word: AUM AUM AUM is the Mother of the creation of the 3DPMU, the energy that is capable of the manifestation of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical planes that we are all familiar with. It is the very sound of the Supreme Personality's Purposiveness looking to form reality. It forms the very fabric and womb within which all of life emerges. And it moves from the spiritual realm and ultimately finds final expression in the material. If we consider spiritual higher than, then we would say that AUM is moving downward into creation and that is was formed just before existence came into being. It does not reside in the rarified realm of the Godhead as the Original vibration, but rather is a stepped down force that makes its presence known one level below the Brahma-gayatri mantra. In truth, the spiritual plane (from our perspective is accessed by going within, not out) and hence we would say the movement is going from within to without. But, alas, this is the limitation of language (particularly the English language) that is inadequate when used to describe these ancient concepts. Sanskrit may be the only language that exists that was designed to be able to convey the subtleties of philosophical concepts throughout a realm of subtly varying degrees of the same concept. It is a phonetic language, one that is sung rather than spoken and can be likened to a powerful form of poetry. Hence the mantras that we use in our Gayatri Reiki curriculum carry within them expressions of incomprehensible concepts and connections to unseen by archetypal powers. The sound vibrations themselves are utterances of true power. And the first such mantra is that of AUM. The meaning of the sound vibration omkara (AUM) is present in the Gayatri Mantra. This sound vibration omkara is the root of Vedic knowledge and is known as maha-vakya, or the supreme sound. Whatever meaning is in that supreme sound omkara is further understood by reciting the Gayatri Mantra. In the fabric that was spun by the sound of the flute of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, a web, or what might be considered an infinitely thin and infinitely vast expanding world sheet was created. This sheet, the zero plane accretion disk and its domain is similar to the impersonalist concept of the void or the Supreme Mind. Yet, to consider this as the topmost level of reality (or pre-reality if you will) is an error. There is a reality that precedes this as I have described in the Background Discussion of Gayatri Reiki and it is this realm you must connect with to find true and pure satisfaction and meaning in life. The Vedic pantheon is an extremely sensitive and insightful method of discussing these pre-creation and early creation concepts in such a way that the energies make sense and the levels can be identified and utilized through the use of personalities. This is why we are working with the ancient insights of the Vedic rishis and sages. What they were given through their years of dedicated research are real energies and are described in proper and beautifully flowing ways. In fact, their insightful descriptive methodology is probably the most powerful that could ever be designed for the use of conscious human beings. We connect best on a personal level and relating with these esoteric energies through the use of empowered personalities is a technique and utter gift of immeasurable proportions. So in the spirit of the rishis, we use the Vedic description to examine the meaning of AUM. If you read some of the quantum physics books about the first few milliseconds before the Big Bang, you will gain a wonderful description of what early post creation might have been like. The First Three Minutes, written by Steven Weinberg (who received the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics), is one of the best books that I have found that will allow a glimpse of how science views these simplified yet fully empowered Vedic concepts. What amazes me is how could these rishis and sages have touched upon these mathematical and cosmology principles without the benefit of the tools of our modern mathematics and sciences. Yet they did. Their sourcing capability has to have come directly from their right brain and its capability for intuitive insight. Their ability to see definitely was a real conceptualizing ability, but was driven by not just their brain, but by a higher level of consciousness that was able to speak through them. My most sincere goal is to eventually find that you have accessed these same realms through the techniques shared within Gayatri Reiki and its intimate connection with The Mother's Temple. One last insight into AUM is the scientific fact that through modern sound research and the development of an instrument called a tonescope, AUM was enunciated into the electronic device and an intricate pattern was displayed. This is the same pattern of the Yantra that we will be using in our one-day hands on class. It is the very shape of AUM itself. The rishis had possession of this shape thousands of years ago. There was no way that they could have used an electronic instrument and found this shape in any similar manner. Rather, they themselves became instruments and did receive tremendous knowledge and insight that only today we are able to verify is absolutely correct and true and representative of the background of all of life. Meaning of the Vyahrtis - Bhur, Bhuvah, Svah The vyahrtis were made at the beginning of creation and represent the seven planetary systems including Bhur, Bhuvah, Svah, Maha, Janah, Tapah, and Satyalokas. Besides denoting the seven worlds, the vyahrtis denote the seven planes of consciousness. And, in the cosmology of The Mother's Temple, the vyahrtis are represented by the 7 levels of Creation which expand themselves into the position of the nine numbers. More about this will be shared in a later work. The mantras are prayers directed to the elemental forces on the seven planes (or kingdoms as we will later describe them). These elemental forces are manifestations of the Para Brahman itself. The seven worlds are embodied in the trinity of bhur, bhuvah, and svah. Bhur or bhu represents earth or the physical plane. Bhuvah represents the sky or the astral plane. Svah represents heaven or the mental plane. Maharloka represents a higher plane. Janah represents the place of birth, a still higher plane. Tapah represents the mansion of the Blessed, an even higher plane. Styam represents the abode of truth, the highest plane. Bhur, bhuvah, and svah indicate the totality of all levels of existence in the universe, which is the effect of the Supreme cause, the original cause of everything. Meaning of Tat The word tat in the Brahma-gayatri denotes the Para Brahma (beyond Brahma - the Supreme Personality of the Godhead). Meaning of Savitur In the Gayatri Mantra, we chant Aum bhur bhuvah svah tat savitur varenyam. Above the Bhuloka planetary system is Bhuvarloka and above that is Svargaloka, the heavenly planetary system. Savita, the sun god, controls all of these planetary systems. By chanting the Gayatri Mantra just after rising early in the morning, one pays his or her respects to the sun god. The actual life and soul of all living entities within this universe is the sun. This makes the sun a worshipable symbol. Surya is the life and soul of this universe, and there are innumerable universes for which a sun-god is the life and soul, just as the Supreme Personality of the Godhead is the life and soul of the entire creation (all universes). As the sun arises, you should chant the Vedic mantra beginning with the Gayatri. The sun is the symbolic representation of the eyes of the Supreme Lord. Savita (who actually is Lord Vishnu who resides in the sun planet) can be seen by pure meditation and spiritual vision. By the mercy of the Brahma-gayatri, a practitioner may gain this vision of Lord Visnu. Savita denotes the Supreme Lord Visnu, and the word savitur means the energy of the Lord which is Sri Laksmi-devi, the Goddess of Fortune, who reveals or gives Savita (Lord Vishnu). Thus Savitur means the soul of the world whose effulgence and residence is maintained by the Supreme Personality of the Godhead as the presiding Deity of the sun. The Vedic sastras conclude that Brahma-gayatri is not merely a meditation on the sun or the impersonal Brahman, but rather a meditation on the Supreme Personality of the Godhead, Lord Visnu, and His consort Sri Laksmi. Meaning of Varenyam Varenyam (a qualifying word for the word bhargo) means praiseworthy, worshipable, or the best among all personalities. In others words, the best choice of all choices - the ultimate and the shelter for all. Not only is He above all the luminescent objects in this universe, but also His divine effulgence is the very source of all illumination in creation. Meaning of Bhargo The world bhargo means brilliant, full of life and energy. It signifies the independent, self-effulgent source. Thus bhargo means self-illuminated light that is always fully pure, beyond the material world, and eternally conscious. Bhargo also refers to Brahma who is beyond material contamination, full of all power and knowledge. Bhargo means divine essence. It represents the supreme light, the essence of Para Brahman. Th
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