Making them happy

@CRIVAS (1820)
January 13, 2009 6:05pm CST
I am not a winter person. I don't ski, I don't snowboard and I don't like the cold. The only reason that I have managed to pass through the season with any semi balance of sanity is my children. I go outside with them all dressed up in their cute little snowsuits and make snowmen with them. We go sleding, and I am sure that when they are old enough I will be asked to go skiing too. What I am getting at is this: We parents, always end up doing some things that we don't like, why? Because we want to make our children happy. I know that personally, there aren't a lot of things that I wouldn't be willing to do, if it meant that my children would be happy. I love my girls more than life itself and if it will make them happy, I know that I will one day go skiing,LOL. So my question to you all out there is this: What would you do to make your children happy.
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@suzzy3 (8358)
14 Jan 09
I found out that whatever interested my son ended up interesting me.Beavers ended up helping.He went to cubs and I ended up running up and down dell in the evening and hiding clues, laying trails,for them to follow.I had so much fun and got so much out of it.We raised money at christmas fares and all sorts.Then we went into football standing on the touchline,that did not last long as my son was more of a watcher than a doer.He had more fun watching the game on tv ,but he learnt all the rules knows all the teams ,managers,coaches,football grounds.So you see as your girls develop interests you will automatically be drawn into it and learn to love it.Then he started Karate and he did not want me anywhere near him ,he wanted to do it on his own and really that suited me as I was passed all that by that time.So stick with them as long as you they soon grow up and don't even want to talk to you and blame you for everything but this only lasts for a couple of years and then they get nice then they leave home.