My girlfriend got drunk last night

@ktosea (2027)
January 13, 2009 9:02pm CST
well,it's kind a funny story for me.One of my best friend will leave for home today and I invited him to our house to have dinner last night.After the dinner we talked and have some peanuts,I feel that's not enough so I suggested that we have some drink,he insisted to go out with me.My girlfriend was watching TV and we two guys went out,we went home with some beers and milks and some other food.there is some brandy left in my house,about 200 milliliters.My girlfriend do not like the taste of beer so we let her drink some brandy,I told her to not drink too much and the wine is strong,but she didn't take my words seriously.I drinked beer with my friend.after we drinked several bottles of beer I just took a girlfriend is just lying on the couch,she shouldn't be sleep like this without saying anything,so I understand that she is drunk,her face is hot then I quickly took her to our bed room and let her lying in the bed. Now the funniest thing happens,she started to smile,loudly,even my friend in the guest room could hear her woice.I feel a little scared but then she just can not stop laughing and that made me feel funny.I convered her with the quilt and she was still laughing.I've never seen this before and I didn't know what to do to make her feel better,I helped her drinking some water and she started to say"tell my dear Yun,I have a headache"I said"it's me here" but she just can not recognize me.Oh my god,we can not sleep until half past 1 in the midnight.Now she totally refreshed and nothing wrong here but I just feel tired because I didn't have a good sleep last night. but when I think about the thing happened last night,I could not help laughing...
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• Malaysia
14 Jan 09
drunk man  - name things that drunk man like to do....
Haha, it's funny to think back what happened last night.. I have a girlfriend who keep laughing too when she is drunk, and it reminds me of many things that my friends will do when they get drunk.. 1. keep laughing 2. keep crying 3. keep kissing stranger around 4. swimming on the floor (no water) 5. keep vomiting Funny and memorable moments!
@ktosea (2027)
• China
14 Jan 09
oh year,saying Keep kissing stranger around,I remeber that when we had the last dinner that a femail classmates keeps hugging a guy and don't let him go,her boy friend is just there and seems angry with that...