All the people in the world are coward?

January 13, 2009 9:28pm CST
Today I have heard a news that one bank has been robbed taking 100000$, the bank was in the market place and the robbers are about 8 people with some gun, knief and bombs. Suddenly I imagine that if I will be in the bank that time then what I have done. Whether I will fight with them without worrying about my own life or will stand like a deaf and dumb people, unware of what they are doing. I know that even they fire a gun or bomb on me than all people in the market place will be aware of that robbery and must has taken some immediate steps and their plans of robbing would have been failed even though I lost my life. I am not afraid of dying but suddenly my mind thought that if the people in market when heard that sound (gun or bomb) start running here and there to save their own life than the life that I would have been sacrifice would have been gone to vain. That is why nobody come front to take immediate steps because he know that all people are coward they have the courage but they are waiting for other to take action. Why we are waiting for other to take steps? Are we a coward or not a human being that is intelligent than all other creatres? What u have done in that situation? Are u have done like a courageous people or stand like a coward people?
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