who is your favoite character at Harry potter the movie?

January 13, 2009 10:29pm CST
I just like Harry's character... He doesn't give up even when the world seems to give up on him. he is a good friend.. He'll do anything to keep his word. I think that's why his friend seems to have a secret crush on him...
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@aerthi (22)
• India
14 Jan 09
i like dumbledore because he sacrificed his life for the sake of hogwarts n also 4 harrypotter. i dont know the reson 4 the liking of lupin n also sirius black as he is harry's god father n the saviour of his life.
• Philippines
16 Jan 09
i agree with you... he's a savior...
@yezzyk (180)
• Netherlands
24 Jan 09
Hi aerti, Well... don't get me starte on Harry Potter. HUGE fan here ;-), so it is nice to meet y'all. Naturely, Harry is a likeable character, since he's the hero. But I have to admitt: I have a soft spot for Severus Snape. There's just something about him that makes you wonder. And when he finally got a face in brilliant actor Alan Rickman, I was ecstatic! Rickman is so sexy playing Snape! But I've cried when we lost Albus Dumbledore... was in moaning for a couple of weeks. Speaking of moaning... ;-) How do we like Myrtle?
@melvill (392)
• Philippines
14 Jan 09
I like all the characters in Harry Potter. They all good to me. But my favorite is Harry because he is so cute, responsible and so serious to protect everyone specially hogwartz.
• Philippines
16 Jan 09
I knew someone would answer that way... my sister and her friends are big fan of him too.
@lihongyi (124)
• China
23 Jan 09
I like Hermione Grange,well,this has something to do with the actress.I also like Snape,he sacrificed himself for helping harry to defeat the Dark Lord,though I hate him at first.
• China
17 Jan 09
Ron,absolutely.He is so lovely and comic when he was young,and now he is attractive as a man. I really like him.