What is your line of outfit.

dressing up - clothes
January 14, 2009 12:49am CST
people always critic the person who wears new types of clothing. they would said it is ugly to look at but they dont know a month after saying that it is ugly, there they are wearing the same clothes.LOL have you ever done that?
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• Philippines
15 Jan 09
Well typically I like wearing jeans. Nothing causing too much attention. But I sometimes I like dressing myself up. I like dresses with high-heeled pumps or stilettos. I like pieces that is simple yet classy and elegant. Nothing really too girly, and too fashionable. I'd still like to keep it less but looks more. But commonly I'm more of a wifebeater top and low rise jeans person. =)
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@twinklee (895)
• India
14 Jan 09
[b][i]Hi, I usually prefer homely way of dressing that suits me more. I don't wear modern dresses much. But my friends, used to tease me that am out of fashion, and i don't know how to dress, But personally what i feel is -its my wish , i will wear what ever i feel and whatever i like, who are they to critise me. But the other side, i will not even take their words to my ears, let them tease, let them cry, but i will stay as my wish. This is my life. And as you said, it is 100% true, the people who comments on new style, will definitely follow that same style after a couple of day. I don't follow any new styles,. it doesn't mean that i hate the,. i always appreciate them in others, but i will not take that in me. Stay stylish..Take care [/i][/b]
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@rymebristol (1788)
• Philippines
22 Jan 09
i also like to experiment on clothes but on on the drastic change of outfit i mean i try to mix and match. my get up is like of the dance group Street Boys. ragged most of the time.
• United States
18 Jan 09
I don't care what people think about what I wear. I wear what is comfortable to me. It is me wearing the cloths not the people who are looking at me. I am not into keeping up with fashions so I basically wear jeans and sweat outfits. I have not done what you had mentioned in your discussion.