What can I do?

January 14, 2009 3:20am CST
I'm a girl in a university.I have three roommates,and two of them are best friends.They often say something serectly before us,and then talk about their feelings loudly.When we ask them what happened,they don't tell us,but they still talk about their feelings loudly.And one of them always ask us where we are going to or what we are doing now.Evenwhen I am reading a book,she will ask me which book I am reading.I can't bear that.But when I ask her the same question unconsciously,she won't tell me.I don't want to know what the others do,but I don't like being asked like this.Even my mother didn't do that.I don't know how to get on well with them.What can I do?
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@har360 (95)
• Indonesia
14 Jan 09
I don't know how long you be a room mates with them. Could be problems in communication. Need time, to know each others. If everyone still thinking about themselves, and do not care with others, the friendships won't work out. I think you should thinking positive, eventhough other not welcome you in their group. We should always show our kindness to everyone, this much make world more peaceful :) by the way you can find more friend in mylot ! much fun here, i can talk to anyone without boundaries. Cheer up ok ? have a nice day.
@redsponge (557)
• Malaysia
14 Jan 09
This is the time when you get to learn to live with other people.Do not get upset with your roommates, you are not going to stay with them forever. Learn to be patient, learn to get along with different people, learn to forgive others, etc. I guarantee you that you will become a better person after you leave school if you spend your time more on learning the lesson that is not taught in the classroom! Enjoy your universty life!
@Haloman (122)
• United States
14 Jan 09
just stick to yourself and try to make friends, especially with the other girl, if they don't want to include you in their conversation then it's really their loss, you could be of great help to them if they just opened up a little....good luck to you!