Even Arabs Will Benefit if Israel Finishes the Job in GAzg

@atish19 (180)
January 14, 2009 7:07am CST
It is in everyone's interest--including the Arabs-- to let Israel finish the job in Gazg The U.N Security Council decreed that the arsonist should remain free to pile incendiaries next to his neighbour's house.The arsonist insisted he would continue to try to set ablazed the house. This was the illogic of last week's non-binding Security Council Resolution 1860, calling for "immediate" ceasefire in GAza without demanding an immediate halt of Iran;s supplying missiles. Hamas spokeman Osama Hamdan said on al-Arabiya TN that the group "is not interested because it does not meet the demands of our movements." Those demands include destructions of Israel in accordance with Hamas'Charter, unrestricted firing of rockets at Israeli civilians and continued smuggling of arms.Isral rejected the resolutions as "unworkable" because it would stop arms smuggling.
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