a surprised reason for divorce

the flowers  - the flowers for Celebrating marriage commemoration day.
January 14, 2009 8:07am CST
Hi,everyone here. Right now i had read a news.In fact,it was an old message,but i just know about it. The news said:an middle aged men brought a wine and rose for Celebrating he and wife 's marriage commemoration day.But the wife was angry and cursed him to waste the money. He was very angry too and then brought divorce proceedings.Because he would not to face such a wife who had delight of life. What is your reply?
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• India
14 Jan 09
well both of them have seem to made a mockery of marriage... he should not have been so hasty and she should have appreciated what he did for her!! not many men are that romantic and she should be happy she had him. I think they should not let such a silly reason break up their marriage
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