Friend bugg'n my friends on networking site need opinion

United States
January 14, 2009 9:51am CST
Ok my friend from HS whom I have been fairly distant from as we have had little in common over the past 10 yrs or so. She's moved often when her hubby was alive and her phone often disconnected, and had a psycho family ect. I have been in touch with here here & there online or she'd call when something big happened like her nephew died, her hubby died. Eitherway....... a friend of mine from a networking site was like "who is this person requesting to be my friend??? you & ABCD are her mutual friends" I looked on my friends page and she has abt 9 of my friends on there. Maybe 1-2 of her own the rest are all my friends. But the weird thing is..... she doesn't know any of them or how I know them ect. Plus on her page she has a few false things on there like she says she's married that's false, she's living with a guy who she won't marry & lies about why she won't + she's using his last name as hers. But I just find it weird. She's never asked not that she has to if she wanted to befriend any of them but I dunno it all just seems odd KWIM? So should I confront my friend about it? Or confront her "new friends" (my friends) about accepting her as a friend? Or just let it go? Do I tell my friends that some of the stuff she's got on there are false? & though she tells the truth most of the time there's tidbits of BS mixed in? WWYD?
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