Ever fallen in love with a chat mate...

@j47lee (742)
January 14, 2009 3:55pm CST
Did you ever fall in love with a chat mate... you may think that he knows you so well...but you've never met him before??? I guess its kind of wierd isnt it... but then i know people who met online and got married......
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• Malaysia
15 Jan 09
I never fall in love with a chat mate. My best friend did experience love with a chat mate, but it didn't work out in the end. From what I've seen, I believe a chat mate in the net as a lover can be quite great. The net may be thought of as a place of virtual reality, filled with lies and tricks but it is also a place where you feel a comfortable distance where you can express yourself truely. There is less materialistic measures when it comes to web relations. I believe it is not difficult to find a good friend or even a lover from chat mates. The problem is the maintainance and risks. Anyway, I think the relationship must go on for a long time before you start thinking about getting together as lovers in reality, a con probably won't spent too much time on one target, and time can do miracles revealing a person.
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@ajithlal (14569)
• India
25 Mar 09
I had fallen love with my chat mate before. Around four to five years ago, I met a girl in the yahoo chat and we become friends very soon. She began to call me through the phone and we used to talk for long time. She proposed me and I said I am not ready for marriage yet because I was young at that time and wasn't prepared for the marriage. I think I should have said yes. After few years, she got married. I came to know that how deeply I loved her only after she left me.