Pet peeves

@CRIVAS (1820)
January 14, 2009 5:46pm CST
Okay so we all know someone that says one thing but does another, so I want to know How does it make you feel? Do you ever say you are going to do something and not follow through? Do you give an explanation or just hope everyone will understand? I know I hate it and I never do it to others. I just feel that unless there is an emergency, its rude. Like when someone says that they want to go out, but never call back. What are your fingers broken? Can you not call and reschedual?
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@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
15 Jan 09
I hate it when people do that too.. I also hate it when people's clothing tags are sticking out of the backs of their shirts. that drives me batty. I hate it when people pee on the seat in the bathroom and dont clean up. I hate it when people dont rinse their plates off when they are done eating off them. I hate it when people dont care to clean up after themselves and think that its soemone elses job to do so. I hate it when it snows and its too cold to go outside. .. I think i'm done b1tching.. lol but you asked for it!