I was in a car accident yesterday..

January 14, 2009 6:20pm CST
Not quite sure whos fault it was..I like to say its both of ours considering he was speeding and i cut him off a little, but it happened. He was in a van, I was in my tiny car, therefore, he didnt have any damage really but i jsut FLEW. My whole door is dented into my seat and my side window smashed all over me. Now im 18 and generally a great driver, I dntt speed unlike my friends cause I know I have bad luck and the one time i do is gonna be the time i get a ticket, etc etc. But this was a crapoy situation. So im in shock, crying and cut frommy windshiel. When i walked into theauto collision centre to report it the woman was like "wtf you crying for its just a car atleast your alive" but im sorry for being upset i just had a huge window explode on me and cant afford to fix my car. But i was lucky, cause only damage was on my door, therefore, I just replace it and everythings fine. Very scary though. Ever gotten in a car accident? howd it happen? what you do? whos at fault? what was your reaction?
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• United States
15 Jan 09
Sorry to hear that. Glad that you're okay. I've been in one where a lady turned in front of me at an intersection, I had to swerve to miss hitting her head on. It was a mess, I got a ticket but I fought it because I was going through the light and she was turning left. The cop was a jerk too.
@the_ruler (1446)
• Turkey
15 Jan 09
Oh dear, I'm really to hear you are safe there. I think there's not much to worry about after all because you're not hurt and being healthy after such an accident is one of the most lucky things, maybe you shouldn't consider yourself as unlucky from now on. I have also been in some accidents but they were not serious like yours. Once I was in a public bus and it had crushed into a BMW car. I just flew around in the bus and my guitar was broken into two peaces, and the horrible thing is the metal blade-like piece of my guitar was about to cut my leg very deep and it wouldn't be a funny situation really. I had some problems after the accident like you. I always use the public transport but when they do a little speed or when they do some sharp maneuvors then I still feel a little nervous because of the accident I had. By the way, I have had so many other unimportant accidents in the bus, and I'm still trying to decide if I'm lucky or not :) Be happy! :)