excerise while working

January 14, 2009 10:39pm CST
Yep today I started to excerise again ,you know walking , knee bends ,up steps down ,arm movements weight on my back.Thats right folks I'm back at work imagine that excersing and being paid for it. Any-one else have a job where you get to excerise and get paid for it. cheers.
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15 Jan 09
Hi moonbeam94, Well I am not working so from the 2nd of Jan: I started my excersies on my wxcersie bike and my ski walker so that can't be bad, well done to you though. Hugs. Tamara
• Australia
24 Feb 09
Good for you ,I have an excersise bike but need to get on it more then I do now ,But I'm thinking more about going back to bed after my morning work is done before going back to work in the after noon . cheers.