Crying everywhere

January 15, 2009 4:43am CST
Sometimes we feel like crying, but the circumstances around aren't very suitable for that. Instead of, when this situation occurs with me I almost never try to hold my tears back, then many times I'm weeping everywhere. I've ever cried at shopping, supermarket, inside a bus, on stations, driving my car, on crowded streets at the rush hour, on cemeteries, school, beach, church, at home alone or with my wife or hildren, etc. I think tears are made to be wept. How about you? How do you behave when it happens to you?
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• United States
15 Jan 09
For the most part I cry when I need to cry, doesnt matter where I am. Its taken many yrs for me to realize that holding in feelings and emotions, at least in my case, is verryy harmful. If i dont let it out when I need to, then that emotion is far worse later on, and well depending on the emotion, it can be very ugly. So if i need to cry, yell, smile, laugh, whatever...i do it, no matter where I am.