Three discussions disappeared right before my eyes!

January 15, 2009 6:58am CST
I was happily responding to a discussion. When I had submitted my response I happened to notice that upon the refresh my number of responses had dropped by three!! I thought I had been quite selective and careful not to respond to discussions that might later be removed. Obviously I was not careful enough! Apart from the obvious topics of discussion I wonder what makes mylot remove some discussions and not others! I have seen discussions that should in my opinion have been removed and are left to run their course... and then others that I felt were ok have been removed What do you guys think? Have you come across discussions that should be deleted and haven't? Any ideas how the system works!
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@bunnybon7 (38327)
• Holiday, Florida
17 Jan 09
im still not sure. i've definately seen the same thing going on and other strange happenings on mylot. its a good thing i like mylot so much
17 Jan 09
Yeah me too. Thanks for your response x
@the_ruler (1446)
• Turkey
15 Jan 09
it might have a few reasons really. maybe you had something violating the tos of mylot in your responses and they chose to remove your responses, or maybe the discussion you responded was an illegal one and they removed the discussion with the responses in it. boh of these situations might be true. there's nothing to say after such a thing. It happened to me before, I had asked people if they like coke or pepsi more. I recieved 60 responses and then I couldn't find my discussion. I still don't understand what the wrong thing was about it. but still I'm happy with mylot at least they are legit and paying.
15 Jan 09
Yes I don't get myself worried about these things anymore. Sometimes it just puzzles me a little!
@rainmark (4306)
15 Jan 09
They were deleted because it violates mylot rules. So we need to careful to response discussions and we need to choice the carefully which is going to response or else we going to drop points.
15 Jan 09
Exactly! Any that violate rules I steer well away from. But often I find posts deleted for no reason that I can see!
@oldboy46 (2132)
• Australia
26 Jan 09
Actually I am like you in that I have no idea whatsoever why some discussions are deleted and yet others are not. In general it would be because they are in violation of the myLot guidelines but that is not always the case from what I have seen. However it could be that someone has reported one lot of violations and so they are deleted but the other discussions are not reported or seen by the admin staff, so they get to stay. Most of the time I stay away from discussions which I believe are a violation of the guidelines but there have been times when I have seen my post number drop as well. Once or twice I have been expecting that to happen but that was because I made a response to a new member which I knew violated the guidelines. It would have been a fairly simple response to say they were not allowed such discussions and it could/would probably be deleted. As we do not really know how decisions are made which discussions get to stay and which go into the deep bin named delete, we really are only guessing. However I would suggest that it is different staff members checking different posts and in what really are borderline cases, one would allow it to stay and another would not. Now if I discussion I have responded to is deleted, I just go on with the next discussion.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
25 Jan 09
Hi mummyofthree, don't be worried so much about this thing. It happens to everyone of us. Recently I had three discussions deleted about the birth of my nephew. I was really pissed off that discussions related to the birth of my nephew have been deleted. Some users have suggested that I have broke he mylot guidelines of discussing a personal milestone. Anyway if you do a search for the birth of a son or a relative you find a lot of posts about this topic. They still have not been deleted.
• India
15 Jan 09
Ya i have also come across differnt type of situations as you have also seen and got..its the moderators who are active amongst us who do these things..they act as if they are our friends and delete the discussions..i hope they dont do these things since one of my best discussion was deleted even though i had not copied and it was there for over one week and got seventy hits..i suppose to cut costs they do these sort of things... Happy Mylotting
• Canada
15 Jan 09
i had three points taken off my score also. oh well, just keep on trucking