Kung Fu--chinese martial art..You know about this? Lets discuss!

January 15, 2009 9:32am CST
Do you heard before about Kung Fu? Surely you will know right? Kung Fu is a kind of martial art. Its come from China that we known as "Shao Lin Kung Fu". Kung Fu can be separated into many categories. Its got South Kung Fu and North Kung Fu. Between of these Kung Fu have a category known as "Tai Chi". It is combined of "Yin and Yang". -In the South Kung Fu, the movement is very fast and light. The trainers there have powerful jumping strength and agility. -In the North Kung Fu, the movemont is very heavy and the trainers have a powerful muscle strength. -"Tai Chi" is the slowest movement between the top two. Although, its movement very slow but it have the most powerful strength in fight. So, hows your opinion? ^^
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• India
15 Jan 09
The first Kung Fu movie I saw was "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin". Though some of my colleagues then said that was like a Hindi movie, I felt it was more professional and highly informative than that. I would consider that movie instructed and dramatized the learning in the most thorough Eastern way. My brother was so inspired that he practiced some of the body culturing, techniques that were outlined. Later in the decade the early eighties many Kung Fu Classes did start in India. But I do not know how many of them were genuine. I am surprised to know that there are two forms the North and South, and more surprising that Tai Chi is a form of movement in either of them. I was taught that Tai Chi was a dance form! Glad to learn so much Could you continue posting more on this subject. I will return to learn more in the coming days?
• Malaysia
18 Jan 09
Tai chi is the most relaxing sport. but when you practice it more deeply, u will know that it's not a easy sport. you must control your breathing, your movement, your focusing. You also must have fully concentrate when you practicing tai chi. Tai chi is hard to learn actually. hehe!! But if you want to learn is up to you. hope you enjoy it. Tai chi is not a dance in fact. It's a martial art.
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• Philippines
15 Jan 09
You know a lot from kung fu hah. That was one of my favorite movies played character by Jackie Chan and other Chinese kung fu fighters in movies. When I was a child until now I wish to know how to do that movement. I want to know to protect myself especially in time now but I didn't study that because I'm too weak.