How to explain "hell" to a child?

January 15, 2009 6:45pm CST
Ok my son is 7 bad trouble maker, is on this lieing kick, getting bad grades talking back. I have done everything to punish him nothing works. well anyway someone told him if he didnt straighen up he was going to go to hell and he asked me what hell was? What do i say. I tried the whole well the devil is there and bad people go there. Flames, its hot you know stuff like that. He didnt really get it. So what would you tell your child?
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@tooincome (345)
• United States
16 Jan 09
well i learned heaven/hell when i went to a saturday catholic school to earn my first communion. anyways, you can try explaining that when people sleep forever/go away (die), they go to either heaven or hell. heaven is the place where all the "good" people go and hell is the place where all the "bad" people go. then you can explain that in hell, people that go there are never happy and are always sad or are always hurting. and then in heaven, people are happy and having fun playing with each other.. not sure if that would be okay with you, but it's a start i guess. if you're going to explain what "hell" is to a child, then you should also explain the opposite which is heaven. good luck!