Fun badminton campaign

January 15, 2009 8:15pm CST
This morning I felt a little hand up Ma leg pain,and found out yesterday badminton is a bit excessive,but a memorable game from yesterday and then immediately want to play a fun back!Badminton is a lot of advantages:(1)often need big mouth inhaling oxygen,especially in multi-shot rally,aftet each other to mobilize help increase lung capacity.(2)often explosive and volatile movements,increase flexibility and the heart and joints adaptability.(3)in an orderly pace,hands and feet to help to increase your coordination.(4)then smash the ball frequently changing the ball,as well as take into account the location of team play,cultivate flexibility and alert eyes liulu capacity.oh ,the most important thing is :easy to cultivate warmth,learn skills and increase the feelings of the two sides exchange,which is why so many bdeminton court the reasons for the couple.
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@sayasakti (167)
• Malaysia
2 Feb 09
you have fun by playing badminton until you forget that you play over your energy limit and after that you feel like you body totally exhausted , tired , and feel like you cant move your any part of your feel like your hand expecially your foot were impulsing and throbbing...but dont be shock or surprise because that is the respond of over playing badminton...yes...playing badminton with partner or couple can increase our spirit to win...i mean fight for a competitive match...playing badminton also can make ourself much more healthier...for your information,badminton is more likely and familiar also always been played by the people of asia...i cant deny that majority of asia player like to playing badminton...example for our country,it is always have tournament whether it is state or national tournament...they also plays badminton for campaign and attrack some of teenagers or youth to join them so the spirit of fighting by playing badminton will be more widely in our country...i cant deny it also bexause i also like to playing badminton...all of my time is playing badminton...i am veru like of badminton because i know that badminton can teach us everything from the way to grab a racket until become a fighter also...i am very appreciate badminton a lot...
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@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
7 Feb 09
aliceliu2008, I do agree that badminton is indeed a very physically and mentally demanding game. I say mental because the game requires an equal amount of sound strategy in court covering for attacking and defending as well. It is not a game where brute strength is the order of the day. However, as in all things one must never forget to be moderate with such kind of strenuous sports. We need to have sufficient rest for our sore muscles to recover and to ever mindful of doing proper warm ups and stretching exercises to prevent and avoid serious injuries. I love this game too and knows the demands and requirements. It has brought a lot of joy and enjoyment for me and not forgetting new friends too. When I am stationed overseas for an extensive time, I never fail to play this game and I make new friends in the process. Especially, in China where there are so many people playing and liking this game. Have a nice time, who knows we may be playing each other soon.