What is your ritual like?

January 15, 2009 11:21pm CST
Well, what are the steps you take when you bathe? do you have a fixed routine or is it all random. Well for me, when i bathe, i'd first shampoo my hair. And then soup my body. Rinse all off, and i'm apply my hair conditioner. Whilst having my conditioner on, i'd wash my face with facial soup and scrub the nose area. Lastly, i'd wash all the soup off. That's it! What about you?
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@chris20 (109)
• Philippines
24 Jan 09
The first thing I do while taking a bath is to shampoo my hair. That's my first stop because I don't want to go back from my body to my hair then to my body again everytime my shampoo drips into my body. It's quite irritating. Then after shampooing my hair, I go to my body, then lastly to my face. Cause at that time, my face will be soft enough so that I may avoid placing too much pressure while cleaning it.
@gjabaigar (2202)
• Philippines
16 Jan 09
hi!.... regal_aeros!... ^_^ I am a high routine person and I can be flexible, control and master my moods. My routines changes in different by seasonal actually.... i.e. regular days, vacation days, or in special occasions or in different or critical situations.... My basic routines for everyday or even in vacations or in special and these are important to me. That I must always wake-up at 3 in the morning. Take a little shower. Then meditate and pray. Then Exercise. Then meditate and pray again. Then a little shower again. Until breakfast at 6 in the morning. Then the different routines of task.... My regular days main routine tasks are working and learning. Sometimes a special day for some social gatherings in a Friday or Saturday night.... Then sleeping time, must be at 10pm regular or vacation days. A sleep at 11pm to 1am is for special or for critical days. Or sometimes I won't sleep anymore I just wait for my 3am habits.... I must have vacation days for a week in every month. And a two month or three to four month of a real vacation in a year I must have but sometimes it never occur like that.... lol..... yeah, yeah, I know, I know its a boring and lazy routine.... lol ^_^ .... And it can not always be like that or a perfect routine always. But still I keeps on mastering it and it so grateful indeed to myself.... ^_^