why do you love cats?

@mazdakid (347)
January 16, 2009 12:32am CST
hi all! almost everyone in the world owns a pet. each of us has his/her own reasons for owning a certain type of animal and why we keep them. some have hamsters for pets. some have exotic animals such as tigers (although illegal and unethical in most countries), bears and the likes. some have fish. some have dogs and some have cats. some have pets because they love company. some have pets for security (such as dogs). and some have other unique reasons (they like talking to animals, etc.) cats are definitely one of the most popular animal choices for a pet. and we cat lovers have our varied reasons as to why we keep one (or more) for a pet. i remember my dad telling me that when he was still a kid (early 1950s), they had 20 cats which go on stampede whenever they here even the slightest sound of a plate dropping on the table or floor! it would be such a funny sight to see a cat stampede! hahahaha. he told me that he and his parents love cats so much because they like the company and unique loyalty of cats. in my case, i like cats too because i like the sight of a cat and i appreciate their company and unique loyalty. sure, people say that cats tend to be nice to you because they want food and petting in return. i think it's just normal because it's mutualism: the cat is good to you because you give it food and affection; you are good to the cat because you love cats and you like the company and entertainment of cats. how about in your case, why do you love cats? thanks and happy mylotting!
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@momiecat (997)
• United States
17 Jan 09
I love cats (and other animals) because they are like a human to me but without all the hassle, the disagreements, the heartache, etc. Cats love you if you love them. They are cuddly and warm. They are soft. They can communicate in their own way. They are like babies to me, as I do not have human babies of my own. They depend on you for food, water and love. This is also true for other animals. In my recent experiences with people and animals, it is sad to say but there are a lot of people who don't like cats or even other animals. These people, in my opinion, are selfish, unkind and are missing one of the greatest natural gifts on this earth. To love an animal and give unselfishly to it, to nurture it and protect it is one of the best things in life itself. Forget about fame and fortune. Life is shallow with these things. It is the giving of love and getting love back that is the true reward, a true reason for living. Life is so short. It is better to do something meaningful than pursue things that you can't take with you when you die.
@CRIVAS (1819)
• Canada
16 Jan 09
I love my cat because he is unconditionaly loyal, he loves me no matter what and when I have had a really stressful day, sitting on the couch with him is a great way to feel better. I love the way they purr and the fact that they are independent.
• United States
16 Jan 09
If you start when they are kittens, you can teach a cat to be a better guard *ahem* dog than a dog. I just like the attitude and personality that a cat has. Psychiatrists who have studied past life regression and the like theorize that cats have ancient memories of being worshiped as gods in Egypt. Having had cats my whole life, I can't argue this thought. I also like that cats are low-maintenance. You can go away for a few days and don't need to put cats in a kennel, just have a neighbor check to make sure they have food and water. They bathe themselves, they entertain themselves, they use a litter box (and - again if you start when they are very small - can be taught to use the toilet) so they don't need to be walked.