Progress, Development and Conservation - What We Understand About These Terms

January 16, 2009 6:48am CST
When I responded to grandmaof2's discussion hours earlier, i remembered a ticklish experience involving these words. My sister conveyed her sentiment this way when we were talking about the development of the Davao City airport which is located in Mindanao Island, Philippines. "When we cut trees, destroy natural habitat and flatten mountains and introduce some infrastructure projects therein, we call it development. When we introduce more buildings, roads and other facilities therein, we call it further development or making progress in the project. But, when we give all our efforts so as nature will not be tampered with and thus make it available and be enjoyed by the future generations to come, we call it conservation. As though, the person who is into conservation is actually doing nothing at all. As though, conservation requires no effort at all and thus is the product of laziness." This is a thought that really struck me. I can never forget it. What about you. What can you say concerning this statement?
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@eshaan (6193)
• India
16 Jan 09
those involved in development and progress, are challenging those involved in conservation...these days i think....earlier the conservators had nothing to do, but when the other group cut too many tress and making harm to nature even this lazy groups have to search for plants...find the place to plant them (which is the most difficult work to do )...then take care of those, watering them and seeing that no others cut them and still they may not get success...i think their work involves more efforts and challenges....all of them are necessary...development, progress and conservation...but someone has to look for the balance....
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• Philippines
16 Jan 09
how right you are eshaan about the need to strike a good balance between development and conservation. man cannot live at times just like old times. we always pursue development and progress because we want to live life much easier and easier and easier still. in the process we have abused nature. nature has suffered so much in exchange for the progress that man has achieved most worthily in science and technology. now, some persons, like you, can say that it is such a heavy task conserving nature. it would be good if there will be plenty like you who will appreciate such efforts. i have encountered quite a number in my country, who are said to be well educated ones, who spout and shrug their shoulders at such an endeavor at conservation. these are the kind of persons who will only recognize how important conservation is, when they feel the lashes of nature in the form of floods and typhoons and other calamities more.