Have you ever met with an accident in your life?

January 16, 2009 10:22am CST
Yes, I have had an accident some 2 years back. It was due to the reason that my bike's brake didnt work properly.For I have not being fined and luckily escaped too. Please share yours too. Happy mylotting
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• China
16 Jan 09
If include bike accident, i do a lot of times. I haven't have a car accident because i rarely take a car and just got the driver's license for a short time. I hope i will never have a car accident because it is fatel many times. Bike accidents seem not so dangerous but also do heavely hurt to people. i used to be crashed by a taxi and fly out of 3 meters from where i was hited. That scares me for a long time. So please look out when riding and driving and take care of yourself.
@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
16 Jan 09
I have had two accidents, both times I was riding my bike. The first time it was raining and I lost control over the bike. I didn't get seriously injured, but I lost my memory due to a concussion. It was so strange I felt as if I were dreaming and I couldn't figure out what was real. I was completely lost. I worked in a nursing home at that time and I was at work while it happened, so I wanted to go back to the home and tell them to call a doctor, but I couldn't, because I didn't remember where I worked. I didn't recognize the streets at all, it was as though I had never seen them before. After about half an hour my memory returned and I was able to go back. The second time also happened when I was working in the nursing home. I had been visiting some of the residents who were staying in their own homes and I was on my way back to the nursing home when it happened. The road was very narrow and all of a sudden a bus appeared from behind, I had to get away quickly,and by mistake I hit the pavement and fell down of my bike. I only had a few seconds to get away from the street before the bus came, but I managed to do it. I was really shocked afterwards, but I am really happy that I managed to get way from the street.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
16 Jan 09
HELLO,Ramesh! No,I have not met an accident so far in my long thirty years driving.thanx.
• India
16 Jan 09
Upto now i havent met with any accidents. But my brother and also a friend are met with an accident. The friend of mine has bone broken in his right leg before 4 months. His engg first year is spoiled due to this accident. He is safe now. But, Doctor advised 4 more months to take rest. Now, he is not going to college. That sad incident comes to everybody's life.