January 16, 2009 1:09pm CST
I was studying in class III, my brother brought one small doggy. on arrival so many friends of mine and the small children from my nearby home came together. That time my brother call the small doggy by creating some noise by his mouth. I remember no one was going near to him except me and my brother. Time by time within a week he started acknowledging us. On my birthday, so many friends came to my house to wish me but all were talking about our dog, so I called my brother and told him to give him a good name, and same day we celebrate that day with the new name of my dear dog 'Moti'. After that day every one were calling his name as Moti. Moti was very clever towards the small kids (infants). He never bark on these small kids. When he was grown up and he came to know the every friend and the people of the nearby home. He bark on the seeing of new person in the area and guarded the our home in very effective manners. He always stays in front of our door. One more thing to tell here we have one cat in our home also. But there were no friendship between cat and dog they always anger with each other. Cat never went out in front of the Moti, if she went out then Moti tried to catch her and starting running behind her. Moti was no more in this world only we remember always when seeing any dog anywhere. He is in our soul, we never forget him. There are many stories behind him, which I will tell next time.
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@Toony182 (256)
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17 Jan 09
Pretty nice story, thanks; Moti sounds like a pretty nice doggy. But what happened to him? It's like an unfinished story :( I used to have a few dogs but....all gone...