The cat and the rat who struck up an unlikely romance

January 16, 2009 1:36pm CST
They always said Tom and Jerry were really friends, well here's the proof. An amazing video gives a fly-on-the-wall view of an unexpectedly intimate relationship between Peanut the rat and its feline housemate. The YouTube footage was posted by their owner a week ago, and has already received over 2million hits. You would have thought it would be like playing cat and mouse but cat and rat - in this case at least - is a far friendlier game. Accompanied by a jolly sound-track, the video shows the clearly besotted rat trailing the ginger tom called Ranj around the house. To begin with, it seems the rat is a bit of a pest. At one point, the poor puss leaps up onto the washing basket in a bid to escape the unexpected attention - and Peanut follows. This is really an entertaining article, I must say and I hope that it will make your day reading it. So much for extraordinary friendships. Ref:
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@pablina (80)
17 Jan 09
Yeah, cute, but cat looks slightly aggitated. As i thought before i quickly skimmed the article on your link, if the animal (whatever it is) is young enough and still weening, it doesn't necassarily care what the origin of the other animal is. I found this out with my cat. He was taken quite young as was not being treated very well by the owners of the mother. My kitten (Rio) took a liking to my ear and decided thats where mothers milk came from. Sounds odd i know. I did not encourage this at all and promptly stoppped him. However this did not stop him from trying.!!!!!
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