Losses in stock market...

@j47lee (742)
January 16, 2009 4:10pm CST
My ex boss lost alot of money in the stock market... his bad mood seems to be taken out on all the poor employees... well.... the thing is they didnt ask him to play stock... and of course people know that playing stock is a risky business.... so do you know anyone who lost alot in the stock market??????
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@user_786 (1338)
17 Jan 09
stock market is all about taking risks. trading in stock markets involves high risks of loss and gains but at the same time stock markets are one of the best and reliable available means of getting your money involved in investment. if someone has lost money, they can gain money back soon also. i know someone who lost money but it is only a temporary phase of stocks which can fluctuate anytime to any level.
@kaka135 (14068)
• Malaysia
17 Jan 09
It's true no matter what happened to him personally, he should not bring it to the work, as this really affects the staffs and also the working spirit. But, perhaps it's hard to control the emotion since you said he has lost a lot of money. Well, I invested some in the stock market, and of course due to the bad economy now, I have lost some money too. It doesn't really affect me much, as those are my savings, and I will still keep it there, and hope the market will be better one day later.
• Philippines
17 Jan 09
it's tricky, which I guess is why it's recommended to invest in the stock market excess money and not the funds that you see yourself needing in the near future. best of luck to him though ... =)
@cornyman (1128)
• Germany
16 Jan 09
Hello j47lee, my boss also is investing in the stock market, he losses also money or better to say lost his gains My account looks the same, some of my shares are loosing massively, some others have lost the gains i had with them because i want to hold them like Warren Buffet longer than 15 years (i invest since 1999) but they pay me nice dividends(6- 15%), so i hold them as long as possible. As long as i don't sell them i don't loose money, it's just a paper loss at the moment [b]Have a great time in myLot and happy investing! Where do you invest your money?[/b]