i want to explain!10 dollar i double it

January 17, 2009 12:49am CST
I'm very to all people who is been offended, i really dont meant to get u trick or any thing else,i just want u to know that i'm just looking for people to help, well i dont want to steal ur money i just gonna use it to upgrade my membership on my paid emails to so i can cash it out,or else i will loose it,and it said there that they pay me after 24 hours well sorry to all of you if you think that i trick ,i don't mean it , i'm just that want to have extra income i'm for real,i'm just gonna borrow it and pay u double for areward from me for helping me, pls if u have anthing know about to earn fre as in tottaly free let me know, again i'm so really sorry to all if u think i trick u,but to those help me just be patient i will get to back ur 10 dollar as soon as possible but for now i'm just racing a 200 dollar to get my money from a paid emails here is the site: http://www.wonderful-mails.com/pages/index.php?refid=rhaldexile just visit there for u to know why do i need money sign up for free and then click to request payout, only upgrade member can cash out the diamond membership worth 180 dollar from paypal,then i can request payuot of 50,000 dollars well tell me if it is not for real,i hate also to be scam thak you for understanding
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• Indonesia
17 Jan 09
I have same prob, but why u not try looking money from low pay site & real money than if u reach the money for upgrade than U can pay that site. Sorry, no ppl want help U if like that, cause I or other ppl don't know U....
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• India
17 Jan 09
what is this!! this site seems to be scam. how the person will pay $50,000. are you crazy !! dont join in this site and waste a lopt of time!!