starting move ?

January 17, 2009 2:36am CST
which is best starting killer move that could defeat opponent easily?
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• India
17 Jan 09
I think we cannot guess what is the best opening move,Each move is very important in the game.Because we cannot guess which move is opponent is going to play in the game that too especially in the opening moves .But for me ,d4(queen pawn)is the best opening ,But according to the research many champions says and concluded that e4(king pawn)opening is the best ever move .
• Iran
17 Jan 09
I exactly have the same idea of yours. There isn't any move in chess that can assure you that you'll win the game. But there are just some moves that are better than others. I also think that e4 is the best first move for white.specially for beginners.but of course it doesn't guarantee that you will win.
• Philippines
25 Nov 09
hi, There is a lot of Chess Opening Moves that evolve thru the years, whether Queen's Pawn or King's Opening, both are Good Starting Move, opening up the Middle for piece deployment. Though a lot of Hypermodern Openings like Nf3, which offer flexibility, adds interest in these game.
@98765m (1019)
• India
7 Feb 09
King's pawn is the most common tactical move. But,I prefer a more aggressive Queen's pawn,as I felt that King's pawn was a bit weak against Queen's pawn. The best starting move can be concluded only based on the opponents history...Not every body has the same weak point.
@jshekhar (1563)
• India
26 Jan 09
Logically king's pawn opening(e4) is the best move to open with for the simple reason that it frees up both your bishop and queen. Opening theory says that you should make the minimum no of pawn moves and develop all your pieces quickly. there's no such move which will defeat opponent easily if he is a good enough player because most of them do think about why you have made a particular move and then they reply accordingly.a