I have to retire early cause I feel sorry for my dogs...

@iskayz (5422)
January 17, 2009 8:42am CST
Hi everyone! I love my pets so much that I have treated them as my children and if they are real kids they would be so lucky to have a mom like me. I love them so much that sometimes if they get hurt I feel so worried and if one says something not nice about them my feelings gets hurt too. Just like right now. My pets are not used to being in a cage. I don’t put them in a cage except when traveling and there’s no space for them to sit. But otherwise, they sit beside me. Even when inside the house they just roam around. My brother’s friend is having a birthday party and his celebrating it in our house. There are a number of visitors already and whenever there are people coming inside the house my pets gets excited and they tend to sniff everyone with a wagging tail. Sometimes they go up on them but they don’t bite. They are shih tzus and are trained and they have not bitten anyone in their 7 years of life. But most of the visitors are not used to having dogs. Some scream and gets tickled when being sniffed. I get embarrassed sometimes and of course I don’t want my brother’s visitors to think that my pets are annoying so I had to put them in a cage. I feel sorry for them and they look at me with pitiful eyes while inside their cages. The visitors are going to stay I guess until passed midnight so I have to retire early. I will bring my dogs in my room and maybe sleep early so they could get out of the cage soon. Do you put your dogs in cages too when there are visitors arriving? Or are they used roaming around the house? What do you feel when someone thinks that your dogs are annoying?
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
17 Jan 09
Yes I hate to see any animals in cages even birds, animals and birds should be like us free. I don't have a dog but i do have a cat and I can understand how you feel about your dogs, dogs and cats give so much and ask for so little back, I like to hear of people like you who love animals so much...should be more like you.