How do you make fried chicken?

@CRSunrise (2964)
United States
January 17, 2009 7:48pm CST
I want to try and make our own fried chicken, but I really don't know how. Can someone buy me a clue?
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@diansinta (7551)
• Indonesia
18 Jan 09
Hi CRSunrise, I have wonder my self. I really know what Colonel Sanders 11 secret ingredience. I really love KFC. At home, i try to make the same like it but i never maded it. I try egg with flour and garlic salt, but taste awful and gets softer(not crispy anymore) after a couple hours. Ha ha I hope someone help us now. happy posting always. oxox'dian from bali island.
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@unchie (122)
• Philippines
14 Feb 09
i usually marinade chicken in salt,pepper and lemon. U can also put garlic powder if u want. then cover it with flour and dip in bitten egg. Then fry it until golden brown. that's it.
@jzybabes (286)
• Philippines
22 Jan 09
hey CRSunrise... when making my own fried chicken... all i have to do is just put a bread crumbs in the chicken... and boil in a heat edible oil or vegetable oil in a pan...moderate fire!....
• United States
18 Jan 09
Here is how I cook fried chicken. Take a bowl and put some flour in it . Add some salt, pepper,garlic powder, and lemon pepper. I usually don't measure my ingredients so use your own judgement . Then in a seperate pan lay your chicken pieces in it , and sprinke some season all on the chicken pieces . Now you can do the next step either way , you can dry batter or wet batter . For dry batter just moisten you chicken with a little water , shake excess off and coat in your flour ,I like to coat mine twice . I deep fry mine in a chicken fryer, if you don't have a chicken fryer, fry it in a deep pot. You need at least enough oil to just cover the chicken . Fry for at least 18 minutes at 325-350 degrees. Ok now if you want to wet batter it first, mix together some flour, eggs, and milk, a pinch of salt and pepper. Put your chicken pieces in it and shake excess off, then coat in flour mixture , Again coat in dry flour mixture 2 times and fry the same way as above . I hope you enjoy this , let me know how it does for you. Cheryl