Perez Hilton love him or hate her??????

United States
January 17, 2009 8:20pm CST
I will admit I do read this website, it kind of draws you in. Alot of the content is the same as TMZ but he/she can be funny sometimes. There are somethings that I can't even look at because it is that offensive. This person is a guy that is kind of chunky, and homosexual so how has Hollywood come to have him on thier "lists" etc. who knows. I think he believes that he is talented, but he has made a living on bashing other people. I heard that when he started everything he was stealing from friends and homeless. I can't stand looking at him, so when he self promotes it gets more than just a little old. I just can't figure out what this guy did to become so popular can you help?
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@Krissta (90)
• Canada
18 Jan 09
For myself, his website is where i get all my celeb gossip. I think that the fact that he speaks his mind and voices his opinions, where as alot of celeb reporters tend to be nice to alot of celebs, so there is no bad blood. I think the fact that he is not scared to speak his honest opinion about what he thinks makes him a refreshing entertainment reporter compared to some of the others