I would like to have a green house

January 18, 2009 2:37am CST
I would like to buy a green house.But they say:Green is cool.Unfit for habitation.The walls of the room is light green,as far away as a stream.Wood furniture is also a primary color,it is said now is not popular.Then I went to order.The simpler the better style,simple to use is not easy to distinguish them.cup dark green,orange sofa,light yellow sheets on the golden daisies,in addition to the green is the color of sunlight and pastoral.woodcut of a small Good morning from the wet dream of the country woke up,the laughter cuckoo guidelines alone before I......
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@coolcoder (2019)
• United States
18 Nov 09
The only green house I want is one where I can put all of my plants in, water them, feed them, and watch them sprout off little baby plants, which is awesome to see. Other than not leaving the water on when I leave a room, or leaving a light on when I leave a room, or putting out some cardboard or paper out to be recycled, I'm not really all that big into eco stuff. God can take care of His Earth; He's been doing it for eons and eons.
@coolcoder (2019)
• United States
18 Nov 09
Ugh...that should read "NOT leaving a light on when I leave a room".
• China
27 Sep 09
You think well, and I would like to have your favorite house, but now the houses are really expensive, and we have been working hard to realize his dream. I wish you good luck, all work together.
@lellyp (245)
• Indonesia
19 Jan 09
Hei.. i like greenhouse too, but i ever see about the price green house really expensive. I like too home like that, like back to nature. But if i want price more reasonable maybe much better built a green house. That my plan to my future house.
@daylstone (126)
• Philippines
18 Jan 09
GREEN IS a Cool house :) I had my house painted green :)