Do you all still watch the t.v. show STARGATE? since they took Oneil off?

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@lilyruth (724)
United States
November 9, 2006 4:23am CST
I use to love to watch Stargate series every week I was there in front of the t.v. waiting to watch gernal O"neil( he used to play Mcgyveron antoher action show remember)anyway this season they have some new people on the show and he is no longer coming out? Why? I wish someone would tell me why they took him off? He is the show, Ive tried watching it when it started this season but the actor that took his place is silly to me. I guess Im just a true blue fan of O"Neil! By the way anyone know what his real name is? Does anyone watch stargate? Help? Respond Please! I just have to know..LOL..
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@starr4all (2865)
19 Nov 06
I'm a new fan of stargate. I haven't watched it on tv but I've been watching the show through Netflix. I'm watching season two right now. I can't imagine the show with out Colonal or I guess general o'neill.
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@lilyruth (724)
• United States
22 Dec 06
Yes starr, I still sometimes watch stargate but not like I used to watch it everytime it came on I did not miss a show.. Listen I saw where O neil got killed and they gave him a burial cermoney but what I wanted to know is like on those movie star tv guide shows did they ever say why he no longer stars on the show? I think maybe he wanted more money or maybe the producers thought he was getting old??? Not by me he still looked good and the older he got the better he got well in my eyes anyway. So if you should happen to find out why they took him off or why he quit the show let me know alright. and thanks it was real nice of you to take the time out to answer this question for me you were the only one who even bothered I guess people do not watch stargate like we do..SMILE..