Why do a majority of chinese actors change their nationality?

January 18, 2009 9:18am CST
Today i came across a website where you can find most of chinese actors have foreign nationality. What does the situation mean? I know these kinds of people have lots of money. So it is not strange, even so easy for them to get foreign nationality. But why do they change their chinese nationality to foreign one? Obviously, they don't want to be a chinese citizen. For me, it's so sad. Can anyone share your opinion on this topic? Maybe Im wrong.
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@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
18 Jan 09
rainyzon, What is it with people when someone has to migrate and become citizens of another country? Isn't it there suppose to be a freedom of choice? Besides, there are sometimes valid grounds for doing so. It is not about giving up one's identity as a Chinese. I just cannot some of the reactions from the people in China. Let's take the recent celebrity Gong Li for discussion sake. She is married to a Singaporean and as a result she has to opt for a Singapore citizenship, so as to be together with her husband. It's not as though she is abandoning herself of a true born Chinese. I just feel that the people will need to be objective and try to look out of the box. Besides, it is no disgrace for one to be devoted to one's spouse and to be with them. Cheers.