service in fast food restaurants

January 18, 2009 10:14am CST
hey everyone, i'm not the type to go in fast food restaurants much but i went just yesterday to a mcdonald's in my home town. Now, they say 'fast food' but i waited 10 minuits just to order and there was only one costumer in front of me!! I couldnt beleive it!! its like the whole team was working in slow motion:P I guess they were taking it easy because rush hour was on its way. A couple of minutes later a very hungry crowd filled the restaurant! I had finished eating and was on my way out when i noticed that the people that had been waiting with me where still there standing !!!
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• United States
18 Jan 09
YeahI know what you me. I have be to fast food restaurants myself and as you have waited 10 min or more to order. Somtimes I get mad and just leave because its taking s long.
18 Jan 09
That really doesn't surprise me! I very rarely go to Mcdonalds but it is always the same. I remember one time it was empty, I placed my order... ten minutes later I finally got my food! Apparantly they had to cook it from "fresh" as they hadn't any made up! How long does it really take to blitz a pre cooked burger I ask you?