Do people that smell like sweat smell themselves???

January 18, 2009 10:30am CST
hi everyone, i have a little problem with some of my brothers friends!! ? A couple years ago it was his friend Mario that had a body odor issu! it was so bad that he would spend the night on the coutch and leave it smelling like sweat!!! NASTY!!! My mom had to polity tell him to take a shower befor coming over. Cant they smell themselves???? Don't they know that they stink??? Do they just not care??? After this discussion with my mom, he changed his habits and started to wash more frequently and to wear deodorant! Lately, its ANOTHER one of his friends that has the same problem! They spend all thier time in the basment playing video games and stuff and as soon as you take a step down those stairs your hit my a wave of nasty body odor!! It's so strong that i find it impossible that they wouldnt be able to smell themselves?? what do you think??
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18 Jan 09
Wooow I have to say what is wrong with your brothers nose!? Can't he smell his friends? I have a brother too and him and his friends would sit in his room playing videos games even when it was 90 degrees outside my brothers room would smell like a sweaty locker room whew! I think guys senses just become dulled to the smell after a while but I didn't hesitate to come into his room and comment on their Stink! And neither did my other sisters.(ha ha ha)