which country is richest?

January 18, 2009 10:49am CST
U.K or U.S.A
2 responses
• India
18 Jan 09
As of yesterday, we thought that, US is the richest country in the nation..but after couple of banks and the financial institutions become bankrept, there also the economic conditions was very bad.. and the reason for the bad economy in US is basically the libralization of the private players in all the financial sector. Now because of the US economy problem, all the world will get it affected, and the entire world is under pressure.. At present all the countries are facing the financial problem, due to this problem, and the every one puts their eyes on the Mr. Obama's next move, his every moments will not only help the US economy, but also help to improve the entire world's economy.. Note: In india, if the politicians are work for the nations, not for their family, our india also become very rich country. Have a good day.
• Philippines
18 Jan 09
I guess Bahrain and Brunei...