New Zealand
November 9, 2006 4:32am CST
imagine one thing and nothing else.. lets call this one thing "it""it" is all that you can imagine and all that you can't imagine....just "it" and nothing else... now "it" being "it" knew all there was to know and all there wasn't to know.. for "it" was "it" and "it" was all there was... now "it" knew that being "it" was well "it" was pointless. Now to understand what "it" knew.. just imagine being born a male or a female "BEING". like yes a human "BEING"Now imagine knowing all there is to know about the wounderful fullfulling experiences of life as this "being".. Then to be told "hold on" stop that "being" you can know what you are but don't go off being a "being". don't you dare try to experience "being" a "being" you there you just freeze frame.. you can know.. but you're not going to experience this show!!well that! as you "beings" Know! is a no go. what would be the point of "being" if a "being" couldn't...coudn't..well "be"!!Now back to "it". of course "it" knew that the essence of anything is in the "experience" of "it". because as "it" was all there was and "it" knew everything.... so therefore "it" knew....."that"..... furthermore "it" knew that "it" would now have to make the "that" the that that would be...."that"... so "it" made "that" from the only thing there was to make "that" from... yes "it" made "that" from "it".. now "it" also knew that for an "it" and a "that" to exist in the same place and space in time then there would have to be "something" in between the "it" and the "that" so "it" also had to make "everything" in between. cause without "something" in between an "it" and a "that" well "it" and "that" would become "it" again. so "it" made "that" and "everything" in between... so that "it" ...could now "experience" through.... "that" the "it" that "it" was. now the "experince" of knowing is in fact not an "experience" at all. the "experience" comes from the.. not knowing from the discovery .... the discovering of "that" which is NOT... To discover the "that" which "it" is."It" discovers the "that" which it is not. "that" eventually finds out through the experience of not.. the "that" that "it" is. so when "it" made "that"... it made "that" to FORGET or NOT KNOW that "that" was really "it" seperated by "everything in between".... in this way "it" could experence "being" "it".. as "that"... discovered and experienced the what? "it"..was not! to discover and experience the what "it" really was! SO.....my fellow "beings" (I really mean my fellow "tri-beings") DO YOU...(excuse the pun!) DO YOU GET................ "IT"?
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