Whacked dream??

United States
January 18, 2009 6:27pm CST
So I had god only knows how many dreams last night but one dream that really seemed to stick out was me and my friends and boyfriend were all hangin out on some porch just chilling like we use to and then my best friends boyfriend Michael had came up the drive way and he was standing in front of the porch by the rail and I was standing on the porch behind the rail and we were talkin and all the sudden we begin kissing and he pulled me over the railing and we began rolling down a hill[[like you do when your 5]] only difference is he was holding me but we were just rolling not kissing not nothing and then all the sudden we stoped rolling and I got up and was really dizzey and then I was like i'm sorry I can't do this and went towards Patrick [[my boyfriend]] but he had disapeared like in thin air and I blinked and the next thing I know me and Patrick were at the alter and we were saying our vows. And when he went to kiss the bride [[me]] My aunt had shown up in front of me [[which she passed away a couple of summers ago]] and told me that even thought the family has a problem that with the fact that my boyfriend was black I was still makein the right decision and she could tell from his actions that he loved me and we would have a happy future together. Now heres the thing when ever my aunt was alive and she spoke everyone listend and agreed with whatever she had said yes i'm werdid out with the fact that I kissed my friends boyfriend Iunno why that happend but the fact that my aunt apearred in my sleep and spoke about what was going on and the fact she knew that something had been bothering me [[The fact that I wasn't sure if being with Patrick was the right decison but now I feel like i'm makein the right desicion on being him]] so I was wondering what your oppinion on this subject is.
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@Splatter (57)
• Australia
21 Jan 09
I think you'd get more responses if you posted this in the Dreamer section rather than the friends section..... Anyway you're family seem racist. His race shouldn't play a part in your decision. It has to do purely whether you truly love him or not.
• United States
23 Jan 09
Ehh they claim their not racist I claim they are. They say they just don't want me to make a mistake. I say it's my life my mistake to make and if I skrew it up. Then thats on me.