Is using nlp on people ok?(thoughts on the subject)

January 18, 2009 8:03pm CST
*/NLP stands for Neuro Linqistic Programming. An art builded by psychologist to control and cure the human mind... A way for advertisers to make us buy their products and control our financial power... The solution for politicians who want us obey to their will... But NLP is a weapon in our hands too.... Is it ok for an ordinary person to use targeted psychology? Is it morraly right for simple humans to control others just for their personal success? Does it worth slaving another human mind for just a few dollars? And can someone do it without harming others?/* I start thinking about it..leting my mind to spinn... a schizofrenic feeling takes over body... my mind keeps spining and i say to myself: " might worth it.... dollars will give you cars..., expensive clothes...,a bigger house...., but what about your friends???? their empty,obeying eyes will destroy all the happyness money may give you... the cold that will freeze your heart will not stop even by using the best heating devices... it might worth it... you will be a leader,everyone will obey to your will... your word will be an order.... they think what you want them to think... but where is the leadership to that???? they didn't follow you becouse they agreed with you.... so you are a zero... It doesn't worth it.... if you can,lead when their eyes are open not by blinding them... then it my worth some!?! YES,then it will worth some...! " and my mind spining stopped.... but what about you? Does it worth for you? glad to hear your thoughts....
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@sanuanu (11238)
• India
19 Jan 09
I would be glad to use it on myself. I would rather like it to be used on my friends or family. I am a fan of such things. I wonder what science can do with human body. If it is used for benifits of this world then its good to use nlp on humans.
• Greece
20 Jan 09
thank you for the replay