Would you or have you......?

 Hacked password  - hacked password
United States
January 18, 2009 11:07pm CST
would you or have you ever ran hacked software on your computer hacked meaning something you were suppose to pay for but got for free!!!!!!!
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19 Jan 09
Hi sxrxnrr, No, never I won't know how to and I always pay for things that I should pay for, I think it very dishonest for people to do that sort of things. Tamara
@esteria (396)
• India
19 Jan 09
well i have used a lot of hacked softwares a year or two ago. Everything on computer from the OS to the word processor was an hacked copy of actual software. After the arrival of freeware in every category i have shifted to the freeware as they are better and free.
@etavasi (753)
• Malaysia
19 Jan 09
Long time ago i run hacked software on my computer like anti virus Norton, but when i see something wrong happen. Firstly i was happy because the expire date to renew license was 999,999, days. Then something wrong happen, some virus cannot be detect on my computer. When i try to update virus definition, suddenly t cause my computer hang and cannot run windows properly. Finally, I need to reformat my cpu.