Baby Fever

@cynddvs (2950)
United States
January 18, 2009 11:21pm CST
I think I can officially say that mine and hubby's family all have baby fever right now . They aren't wanting to have babies. No, no. They want us to have another baby for them. It all started last week when my uncle and his wife came over to drop their computer off for hubby to work on. Of course now that my daughter is 3 years old they start asking me when we are going to start trying for another one. When my answer was "Well we're not sure yet." my aunt jumped all over me saying that I had better go ahead and start trying now because if I wait another year or two I'll decide I don't want another one because I'll be too busy with school activities with my daughter. Ok I can kind of see her point but sheesh I'm just not quite ready to jump on the baby band wagon yet. But that's not the worst of it. This weekend my sister in law was in town for New Jersey with her new 4 month old baby girl. Everyone met us Friday evening for dinner for hubby's birthday. All it took was my mil holding that baby girl for her to get onto us about having another baby. And of course the rest of the family just jumped right on the band wagon with her. And this all happened while hubby had gone to the restroom so I'm like a deer caught in the headlights left to fend for myself while his entire family is hounding me about having another baby. "Why don't you want another baby yet?" "Haven't you all waited long enough?" "Sena would make such a good big sister." "You don't want them to be too far apart." So here's my answer to them. I love babies. I love being pregnant. And I even loved giving birth. But babies cost money. Lots of it! And we have crappy insurance at the time. So if you all would like to pay our medical bills for us and provide a stash of cloth diapers for the first 2 years of that babies life then sure I'll hop right on the baby band wagon with you. Until then I'm off to pop my birth control pill. Our first one was a pill baby and we are very very happy to have her. So maybe you all will get another unexpected surprise. Anyone else have family pressure to have kids?
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@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
19 Jan 09
Hi cynddvs! Goodness, the pressure from both sides of the family is overwhelming but I my husband and I learned to ignore them. haha..We have been trying to make one for the longest time now. I am now 42 and I don't think I am up for it to have one now for us (health reasons mainly)! I just leave it up to the Lord for what is in store for us. Take care and have a nice day! lovelots..faith210