Would you choose herbal medicines over medicines prescribed by doctors?

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herbal medicines
January 19, 2009 12:25am CST
When it feels like I am getting sick or my body gets too warm, hesitation does not enter my mind. I usually take medicines trusted by my doctor. But end users sometimes try herbal medicines and they think that it can ultimately give them the cure. Well in fact, it is just given for preventive measures. Have you tried herbal medicines? Do you think it is always safer to have medicines always prescribed by our doctors?
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@sammy14 (835)
• Philippines
26 Jan 09
sushihunk is asking if is it safer to use medicines prescribed by doctors than that of a herbal medicine. Herbal medicine have been in use since time immemorial and nobody has ever been recorded in the books of bad effect of using herbal in fact all medicines are derived from herbs and plants. one more thing when you subscribe to medicines you will later on on succumb to kidney failure!! I for one use herbal and medicinal plants cheaper and no side effects!! if you want to know it ... just visit my email add.. sammy14
• Philippines
19 Jan 09
through the years, i have learned that herbal medicines are the best ones to give a cure to our illnesses. those preparations that we take hold of through the pharmacy were prepared from these sources anyway. however, not all of us have a ready access to these herbs. if we want to have a ready access to them, we have to plant them where we are. other wise, when we fell ill, there is no other choice for us but to buy those medicines from the pharmacy. have you heard that those medicines have side effects? well, herbal medicines are without bad side effects. if there are, they are the desirable ones. like most herbal medicines are in effect, good cleansing agents for our digestive system, too.