Get up on a wintry day? Fuh get aboout it!

January 19, 2009 3:28pm CST
Today the temperature in the morning was touching 14 degrees celsius. It was too cold for a Mumbai atmosphere and I was sleeping cosily under the warm cover of blanket; when my alarm sounded shrilly in my ears indicating me to get up and get ready for college. The atmosphere today was nice and I didnt felt getting up. I snoozed off the alarm. It rang again after 5 minutes. I again snoozed it. At third ring my mother's voice came into ears loudly telling me to get up or she would splash cold water all over me. I grunted and got up arguing with her how can one get up in such a cold weather and when especially the warm blanket is beckoning me. She didn't listen to my argument. I got up and got ready in a grumpy mood. Then I started thinking are colleges necessary during winters and especially mornings? how beautiful and nice it would have been if colleges were not in session for whole winter season?
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@mysdianait (64270)
• Italy
20 Jan 09
Hahaha wait until you are older and it's not college but a job that you have to get up for and with no mother to wake you So be thankful that's it's college and not a job yet. Only 14 celsius? I hear from my sister that in her part of the world it is MINUS 14 celsius and I guess that makes your breath freeze! A warm blanket is always great and if it's cold outside it's hard to leave it I know but how about when you get to the weekend - is the blanket still as warm? Do you find that on your days off it seems cooler in bed and you're not bothered at all about getting up whatever the weather?
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• India
22 Jan 09
Ya i appreciate the fact that on weekends the blanket 'feels' colder than it actually is and on weekdays it 'feels warmer' though there is nothing differnt about two situations factually. Its just our mindset towards our weekdays and weekends that make us do that. Also whether its college, school or job that you have to attend, or whether your mother is there or not to get you up and going, what really matters in the end is your willpower - Whether you want to get up or not! lol. Isn't it?