Albacore Tuna or Chunk Light :TUNA Lover?

United States
January 19, 2009 8:11pm CST
I don't usually ask these types of questions but these are desperate times, lol, just kidding. I do think about this question quite least everytime I have tuna and I love tuna. But here's the thing, at one time I would ONLY eat albacore tuna which is just meatier tasting and slightly more money but now I find myself wanting Chunk Light Tuna which is not very meaty tasting at all. I get a lot of my subs from Subway and Im pretty sure they use Albacore but when I go out to restaurants they only use Albacore you Im guessing theres some preference among tuna. One thing that concerns me if that the Chunk Light version is everything but Tuna and some other type of fish and I hear rumors about Dolphin, could this be???
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