what kind of guy girls want?

January 19, 2009 8:55pm CST
school's the common place where girls choose the guy they like, some wants smart and vulnerable while many likes bad boy and aggressive type. but have you ever thought how and what kind of guy you like to be with? most guys read this kind of articles, maybe their curious how to make women want them. i have been into this situation, like, finding the guy like your personality. my first boyfriend wasnt like me. i really hated him, he's like, bullying me everyday, putting fly into my soup, hiding my things, throwing gum into my hair and many more. suddenly he stops, i missed how he does those, realizing i liked him, but actually, my crush was like, the most smart guy ever in school and him, he was known and pretty popular but not cause of good thing but the worst. then, he called. phone- says that, he likes me, at the very first time he saw me. cause i was different. then, we try to go out. until he meet my parents, they liked him. and since we became.. you know, he changed, he started to concentrate learning, he's not a bully and he dont hit girls anymore. its just that, i thought you'll complicate with someone who you wanted and the same with your attitude, but me, i never regret being with him. though were like day and night. but i learned to love him. i guess i never learned, it just did. you know, feels like him and me.. and fate. agree?
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@yashassid (208)
• India
20 Jan 09
Each lady is different. I personally like a guy that is caring, can give me space, shows me he cares, will call me. Just show us the true you, If we dont like you, It will be okay there are more ladies out there. DO NOt change yourself for someone else, you usually end up regretting it and you are not happy with the change you have made.
• Philippines
20 Jan 09
I really find it cute reminiscing my crushes back in high school. When you are younger, you tend to go for the cutest, smartest and famous guy in school. I guess, that's part of ego working in you. You want also to be identified with that type of person. But as one grows old, you start to eliminate some qualities and standards which you opted for when you were younger. You now look for the not so good looking but financially, emotionally and psychologically prepared type of guy. You are looking forward to having a life time partner. Gone are the days of nerve tickling feelings. You are now more realistic in effect.